Safety Tips for Driving in Fall

The fall season may seem all fun and games with the colorful array of leaves, but it has a few hidden dangers. Here are a few safety tips for autumn driving from us here at Romeo Ford.

Watch Out for Deer

Deer are notorious for causing accidents and vehicular damage during the fall season. Keep your eyes open and use your high beams when there aren’t any other cars around. If you see a deer standing on the side of the road, slow down in case it lunges into the road as you approach. Doing so will provide you with more reaction time which could help prevent a collision.

Check the Tire Pressure

As the temperature lowers, so does your tire pressure. While the hot summer weather tended to result in higher tire pressures, fall and winter bring the exact opposite. Make sure to check your tire pressure once a week to ensure you have the best grip on the road possible.

Driving in Fall

Schedule Service

Those who drive frequently will want to make sure their car is up to the challenges posed by autumn. An oil change, tire rotation, new windshield wipers, and air filters are a few good places to start. Ask your local dealership service department about suggested fall maintenance for your vehicle.

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