Macomb County Waterways Take Priority

Macomb County Waterways - Romeo Ford

Macomb County is making new efforts to attract more visitors to its wonderful waterways. Officials announced the introduction of a new festival, among other projects, to Lake St. Clair to draw more money into the county’s economy. Considering Macomb is Michigan’s third largest boating country, the new projects can’t come soon enough.

Michigan is home to the third largest marine market in the United States with a whopping $7.4 billion brought in from boating. Macomb County waterways contribute a significant portion of that. Lake St. Clair brings in $1.7 billion into the county economy all on its own.

A part of the Blue Economy initiative, Macomb County projects include revitalizing the Schmid Marina and adding the Wayne and Joan Webber Paddle Park. The new paddle park will intersect Macomb County’s coastal paddling routes and trails.

As for the festival, the Selfridge Air National Guard Base has its centennial celebration next year. An Air Force Thunderbirds air show will take place above Lake St. Clair.

“We are going to work to make it a lake-oriented event so that people can pull up to it in their boats,” said Brig. Gen. John Slocum.

With more than $10 million in grants, Macomb County looks to clean up waterways and attract more visitors to the area.

Here at Romeo Ford, we couldn’t be happier to hear about the latest plans!

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