Good Driving Posture

Good Driving Posture - Washington, MI

Having a good driving posture is a great way to stay healthy, alert, and safe behind the wheel. While reminding you to sit up straight in your seat might sound like a parental command, good driving posture has more of an impact on you than you may think.

According to GEICO, proper posture includes sitting with your tailbone as close to the seatback as possible. The seat should support your thighs all the way to the knees. Don’t sit too close to the steering wheel. Your eyes should be 3 inches above the top of the steering wheel.

Sitting up straight benefits your health and consciousness. For those with poor circulation, good posture keeps blood flowing properly. With oxygen reaching your limbs and your brain, you will better mind your surroundings than if you slouch.

Good posture is also important for safety equipment. For instance, the airbags and seatbelts work best with individuals sitting up straight. If you use good posture, it reduces the likelihood of serious injury in an accident. Your chances of an accident decrease, as well, as sitting upright improves your visibility.

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