Ford’s SUV Production Sees Summer Increase

Ford's SUV Prodution Romeo FordAmericans are buying SUVs in droves and Ford is going above and beyond to meet customer demand. With over 325,000 SUVs sold through May of this year, business is going well for Ford. Demand is so high, in fact, that the American automaker is extending its production schedule in order to meet the high demand.

Ford’s SUV production usually comes to a halt in summer for maintenance and retooling. This year, that shutdown will be cut to one week. The additional week of production is expected to produce another 22,000 Ford SUVs, namely the Flex, Edge, Escape, Expedition, and Explorer.

With the best sales start in the automaker’s history, it’s no surprise Ford is looking to meet customer demand. Sales are up nine percent compared to the same time last year and that’s nothing to wave a stick at.

The SUV assembly plants aren’t the only ones seeing a shortened shutdown. Ford’s Kentucky truck plant will see a shortened shutdown as well. With an all-new Super Duty truck coming later this year, Ford is working to make the launch as smooth as possible.

This will mark the fourth year in a row that Ford has extended production at one or more assembly plants due to high demand.

We here at Romeo Ford are ready to provide our loyal customers with the toughest trucks on the road!

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