Ford Tests Large-Scale 3D Printing for Custom Car Applications

large-scale 3D printing
3D Car Parts by John Biehler

Ford has begun testing large-scale 3D printing using the Stratasys Infinite Build 3D printer system. With this system, Ford is exploring the potential for lightweight vehicle production along with creating custom car parts, particularly with Ford Performance cars.

“With Infinite Build technology, we can print large tools, fixtures, and components, making us more nimble in design iterations,” said Ellen Lee, Ford technical leader, additive manufacturing research. “We’re excited to have early access to Stratasys’ new technology to help steer the development of large-scale printing for automotive applications and requirements.”

As 3D printing technology advances it becomes less expensive and more accessible for consumers. The benefit of using 3D-printed parts for cars is the fact that they can be made in a single piece and with materials not used before, meaning they can weigh less and perform better.

3D printing works by creating a digital design of the part you need. The computer then analyzes the design and breaks it down into thin layers. The printer takes that data and goes to work printing one layer at a time on top of each other to create the finished product.

Here at Romeo Ford, we are excited to see what Ford can do with this advanced technology and where it will lead Ford Performance in the future.

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