Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Technology

2017 Ford FusionWhile a car that can see in the dark sounds more like something from a spy movie, it could very well become reality sooner rather than later. The Ford Fusion Hybrid is already an innovative vehicle but Ford researchers are pushing it even further. Making use of autonomous technology and LIDAR sensors, a Ford Fusion Hybrid took on the darkness.

It was so dark out that the researchers had to use night vision goggles in order to see the car itself. The headlights remained off and there weren’t any streetlights on the desert roads. By using LIDAR technology, the Ford Fusion Hybrid was able to map its surroundings perfectly.

LIDAR, Light Detection And Ranging, is a surveying technology that measures distance with the use of a laser. By illuminating an object with the laser, the sensors can determine how far away it is. While radar uses the same concept via radio waves, LIDAR is more accurate.

While using cameras, radar, and LIDAR is preferable, the test proved that Ford’s autonomous technology can operate with just one of the three when conditions aren’t ideal. When mapping its surroundings, the car included trees, landmarks, signs, and the road itself.

Here at Romeo Ford, we can’t wait for what Ford’s autonomous technology will do next!

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