Buying Summer Tires: The Best Tire for the Job

Buying summer tires is a great way to improve safety, handling, and tire durability. That’s because these tires are specially designed for warmer weather as well as damp driving conditions. While winter tires are best for snow and ice, cars that use the proper tires tend to drive better and last longer. All-season tires work in virtually any condition, but that also means they are mediocre in most situations.

According to Popular Mechanics, summer tires are actually made for the spring, summer, and fall. They come with special rubber compounds that resist damage in hot temperatures, but one major reason to get them is because they have distinct treads that perform well on damp surfaces. When the weather is warm, winter tires can lose tread fast if there is no ice or snow. Alternatively, all-season tires are standard, which means they are neither good nor bad on damp surfaces. Switching to summer tires could drastically improve handling for most of the year.Buying Summer Tires

Naturally, you’ll have to switch out tires. However, in addition to improved handling, using winter and summer tires at the appropriate times can extend the life of the tire itself. That means you can get more out of each tire, leading to long-term savings.

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